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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Well, I'm safely here in OR. When I was on the plane coming here, I was getting really annoyed with ALL the other passengers-truly, I thought, there has never been such an incredibly inconsiderate group of people in one place before. Then I realized that I hadn't eaten all day. :) I guess blood sugar levels DO make a difference... But it is really beautiful here. I can almost feel my lungs turning back to pink, after all the LA sewage air. Ick. My mom and I took a walk through part of her property, and it was like the hikes we used to go on when we lived in CO. Wildflowers everywhere, trees, bugs, and the fattest, juiciest slugs I've ever seen. (That last part's NOT like CO. :) ) And my kitties! It's so wonderful to have them around!
Katy, if you read this, I just read a book by Madeline L'Engle called The Love Letters. It's definitely not for people who have reading comprehension problems, but it doesn't have as many characters as her other books seem to. It skips back and forth between two main characters in two different time periods. It's really best to read all at once. Anyway, it was really good.
How do I make it so that I can write some words in color and when you click on them they take you to another website?


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