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Monday, May 09, 2005

So is anyone else as disturbed as I am that Britney Spears is pregnant before me? Poor kid...
I was just reading my sister's blog, and it's interesting to see the similarities between her and my youngest sister. I guess depression takes the same voice in every body-I know during my teenage years, and even some more recently, my journal entries had that same tone. But here's the thing that's great; even when you're sad, and you're going through a lot, someone has always gone through it before you, and survived. I know it feels like you're all alone, and experiencing something that's completely brand new, but if you talk to anybody about it, they have felt the same way. (I understand that in a way, this is also a little bit discouraging-surely there's SOMETHING unique about me!-but we'll just overlook that part for now.) Here's a quote I like: depression is just anger without enthusiasm. I think that's true. If you can get back to the enthusiasm, the passion, then you can generally get yourself out of the rut of depression. And sometimes all you need is a sunny day. :)


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