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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

One of my biggest pet peeves is smokers who litter their cigarette butts. It's like they think it's not really littering-oh, it's biodegradable. Um, NO! You might as well go around pouring toxic amounts of arsenic into people's drinking water. I hate smokers anyway, but walking down any sidewalk these days is just repulsive; cigarette butts are everywhere. It's gross and dirty. I'm thinking about becoming a really militant non-smoker; pulling cigarettes out of mouths while yelling, "Thanks a lot for killing me too!". The other thing that really disgusts me is people who smoke inside, or even worse, in their cars. Ugh. The other day I saw a woman sitting in the back seat of a truck smoking. Her window was down, and the smoke of course was blowing right into my car, but SHE HAD HER BABY ON HER LAP. How could someone be so stupid? I feel very lucky right now to live in a state where you can't smoke indoors in public places. It's a beautiful thing to go into a restaurant where one can actually breathe.


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