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Friday, June 17, 2005


Where Does Your Beauty Lie?
Your Beauty lies in Innocence; pure, sweet and child-like. You most likely look far younger than you are and your smile would brighten up anyone's day. Seen as naive and sheltered, you can be ignorant at times, but for the most part, it's simply your reputation preceding you. You are most likely rather aware of the realities of life. You are extremely good natured and trustworthy. By the same token, you are a bit too trusting. Be careful, few are as honest and open as you. You might seem girlish still with a love of dresses, ponies, and things most might deem you "too old for". But this doesn't bother you. You enjoy your youth and are going to make it last. After all, you are only as old as you feel.
Some Things That Represent You:
Element: Light, Wind Animal: Kitten Color: White, Pink, Pastels Song: Beautiful Soul by Jesse McCartney Expression: Innocent Smile
Gemstone: Diamond Mythological Creature: Unicorn Planet: Moon Hair Color: White Eye Color: Silver
Quote: "A stranger is just a friend you haven't met yet."

What Kind of Angel are You?
Congrats! You're a Pure Angel! Angels, as far as most of them go, are all compatabile creatures, but Pure ones simply are symbols of God. Pure Angels always appear when a child is born, when a rainbow is seen, or when someone shares their first kiss. They never grow old, and can appear in the shape of a naked woman with white, bold wings. Pure angels are the carriers of god, and show their love to everyone in the world.

Which Pet are You?
You are a gorgeous Faerie Lenny! You have a pretty little soul and you love life! You enjoy everyday and have lots of friends. Plus, you throw a cool party!

Which Proud Princess are You?
You are a perfect princess! You are every queen's dream; amazingly beautiful, a joy for the spotlight and your dream is to get married and have a proud royal family. If any paparazzi come after you, one wink and an innocent smile is all it takes to dumbfound them. You have an immense sense of duty and would never go against the wishes of your family. You spend your time flicking through magazines looking for the latest clothes and jewellery. This doesnt mean youre an airhead though! Behind your striking appearance lies an amazing mind. You have the ability to conjure up the wittiest sayings and are immensely intelligent. Such a combination of intelligence, creativity, power and beauty is often intimidating to those around you.


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