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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Googlism for: anna

anna is lovely
anna is an inspiration
anna is learning to create a webpage using html code
Good for me!
anna is a "calendar girl"
anna is transfused
anna is beginning
anna is drama
anna is learning how to suck her thumb
You know, it takes more practice than you'd think.
anna is growing up
anna is getting married
anna is back
anna is raring to go
anna is a cutie
anna is very cute
anna is still an issue
angry anna fans sue penthouse for $8
Talk to my PR guy.
anna is back in london
anna is a little shy
anna is for sale
But you couldn't afford me. :)
anna is hot when it is cold
Actually, it's more the other way around.
anna is alive?
We're not sure, but we're checking into it.
anna is still here
Thank goodness!
anna is a chatbot designed to pass the turing test
Most people who know me would probably not describe me as a "chatbot"
anna is a "calendar girl" in cat fancy's 2002 and 2003 year
anna is a 22 year old beauty born and raised in the united states
anna is taking tennis lessons this summer
anna is introduced to a new friend
anna is an online animated cartoon series
anna is located within an easy driving distance from washington
anna is a member of the renowned firm of decker bullock
anna is not a geek
That's debatable :)
anna is now rolling both ways quite well
What can I say? I'm a late bloomer.
anna is realy cute and smart ass
anna is very strong and agile with a great sense of balance
anna is a little place six kilometres south of naxos city
anna is so popular
Oh, yeah.
anna is the kinda gurl who ya just wanna give a hug to and smile
anna is like a box of chocolates
You never know what you'll get.
anna is based on the most advanced statistical methods used to detect certain patterns and conditions in large quantities of data
anna is a business administrator
anna is the usm libraries' new web
anna is a little bit suspicious
anna is an awesome book
anna is three
anna is approximately 17 miles long containing 13
anna is adorable
anna is a spaniel mix and is a year old
anna is attached to play a leading role in another movie
Yay, me!
anna is signed up to do another movie with rob schnieder and adam sandler called the hot chick
anna is a german citizen who lives with her husband
anna is now two and a half years old
anna is a recreational centerpiece that maintains a rural charm
anna is the latin form of hannah and means 'grace or favored
anna is a very promising young gymnast
anna is situated in the respected residential district of vinohrady
anna is finally presented to the king
anna is injured again
anna is lovely
anna is an inspiration
And don't forget it.
anna is beginning
anna is a "calendar girl"
anna is absent today and we are learning a new concept
anna is the queen of the vomitorium
Just what I always wanted to be the queen of!
anna is moving on up
But wait, wait...
anna is the queen
Okay, that's better
anna is learning how to suck her thumb
anna is a guestbook goddess ~
anna is a shotmaker
anna is lovely
anna is a vagabond who has lived in vancouver
I always wanted to be a vagabond.
anna is a highly respected information marketing professional with more than seventeen years’ experience
anna is the best
Got that right.
anna is born
We all have to start somewhere.
anna is here to stay like it or not


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Kate said...

anna makes me laugh so hard the librarians glare at me.

You ARE the best, and boy am I glad you're here to stay.


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